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Google Play Store Integration: Step-by-step guide

By Alara Eren on Thu, 11 Feb 2021
1. Log in to your Google Play Console account
2. Go to "Settings" inside your Google Play Console account
3. Under "Settings", click on "API Console"
4. When you click on "API Console", you should see a list of your projects
5. Click on the project that you would like to connect to Juphy
6. You should see a section named "OAuth Clients"
7. Under "OAuth Clients", click on "Create new OAuth Client"
8. Click "View on Google Developers Console" next to the new OAuth Client that you've just created
9. Click the one that you've just created in Google Developers Console
10. You should see your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" on Google Developers Console
11. Now open your Juphy Dashboard on your browser
12. Go to "Channels" and click on Google Play
13. Copy and paste the Client ID on your Google Developers Console to the "Client ID" space on Juphy


14. Next, copy and paste the "Client Secret" on your Google Developers Console to the "Client Secret" space on Juphy
15. Type your "App ID" to the App ID space on Juphy (ex: com.juphy)
16. Click on "Get Permission" on Juphy. This should direct you to the Google Account page. Select the account that you would like to give permission
17. Once you select your account, Google will ask you for couple of permissions. Accept them.
18. Now you should see a code on your screen:


19. Copy and paste that code on Juphy's dashboard under "Step 2" and press "Finish Integration"


Now your Google Play Store account is connected to Juphy 🎉

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