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The easiest way to integrate Twitter and Slack

By Osman Erdi on Tue, 25 Dec 2018

The easiest way to integrate Twitter and Slack

Hello folks, today, we're going to take a look for Twitter & Slack integration with the help of Juphy 😊 . Juphy is designed to help customer support teams especially. You can easily receive twitter mentions and instantly engage with your followers through Juphy's Slack integration.

Always stay at the top...

If you get a new mention on Twitter, Juphy sends this mention to your Slack channel in real-time. Thus, you can reply to the tweets directly without leaving your Slack Workspace.

Reply mentions from Slack Channel

All your engagement activity will be saved into Juphy's Dashboard. You can check your social engagement scores any-time.

The best part of the Twitter & Slack integration is speed! As you know that customer response time is the most important metric to provide the best customer support experience. Juphy reduces your response times from hours to minutes with this integration.

Just get early access to try awesome Slack integration for FREE

You may also want to join the Slack Community for your questions.

After the public beta launch, we're going to update this article to explain in detail.

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