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What is the free alternative to conversocial?

By Osman Erdi on Wed, 27 Mar 2019

There are too many social media management tools out there but customer service is a different scenario. You have to keep your customer response time under 30 minutes, it's the success. Moreover, you have to classify your leads, churns or you have to assign different customer support cases to the related customer support department.

Juphy is the best alternative to Conversocial! It's faster, cheaper and user-friendly. All received comments, mentions, direct messages in one inbox and all of them flagged as pending. Thus, you'll always stay top of your social audience.

what is free alternative to conversocial

In addition, Juphy is FREE for limited usage but these limits are not annoying. You're going to get benefits of the core features of social customer service tool.

The conversational user interface helps you to understand your customer needs clearly.

social customer service tool alternative to conversocial

100+ companies all over the world are using Juphy as a social customer service solution.

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