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Downloading Facebook Comments for business

By Ipek Ibisoglu on Mon, 08 Jul 2019

example exported facebook comments

Today we're going to learn how to download facebook page's comments easily.

Downloading Facebook comments can provide great opportunity to measure customer satisfaction about your brand by analyzing the comments on your Facebook page but it's not quite easy because Facebook does not give you an ability to download your own Facebook page comments as a default option. You need to use a third-party solution at this point or you have to do it on your own technical knowledge.

There are three ways to downloading facebook comments as a .CSV file format.

1- For personal usage with limited functionality.

The easiest way but not the most effective way to export your Facebook page comments is exportcomments.com! You can download your comments as a .csv file by defined POST Url.

Follow the steps to download your comments;

a. Find one of your Facebook page's FEED/POST URL that you want to export comments.

P.S. In order to get your post's URL: On your Facebook page's timeline. Select a post and click the time link of your post to get post's URL.

how to find the url of a facebook post 2

b. Copy POST URL and Paste it into exportcomments.com's input.


c. You'll receive a .csv file at the end of the downloading process.

Yes! Exportcomments looks very promising and useful but it's hard to download your comments one by one with their POST URLs. If you're a business you have more than 100+ or 1000+ POSTS on your Facebook page timeline probably. In this case, exportcomments.com could be useless. In addition, the FREE version of Exportcomments limited to 500 comments.

You need a more professional solution to download facebook comments by date range.

2- A solution for business to download Facebook Comments.

At this point, you can TRY Juphy for FREE. Actually, Juphy is a social customer service tool but also has a module that helps you to download facebook comments with one click by date range or all of your facebook comments till the first day of your facebook page.

If you want to download all of your Facebook page's comments. Follow the steps;

a. Sign up Juphy for FREE

b. Connect your Facebook page

c. Go to inbox at the left-side bar.

d. Contact with Lisa (She's from the support team)

contact with juphy for downloading facebook comments

There is a live chat bubble at the bottom right. Click and send a message to Lisa format like below;

Hey Lisa,

I authenticated our Facebook Pages and want to download comments which belong to those pages;

Page Names: Joca Cola Company, Zuber Company etc. Date Range: xx-xx-20xx to xx-xx-2019 Email: myemail@companyname.com


juphy response to download comments on facebook

If you send a message to Lisa like this format, Juphy's support team is going to contact you quickly and provide a .CSV file for you For FREE.

Juphy provides the professional output to you a .CSV file according to your needs. It's completely FREE for one-time usage. Just contact with Juphy's Support Team.

An example of exported output; example exported facebook comments

3- Downloading facebook comments through Graph API

Another way to download all of your Facebook page's comments is by using Facebook's GRAPH API. We assume that you're a tech. person and know the dynamics of the application programming interface, otherwise you must choose the first or second solution to download your facebook page's comments.

Let me explain how you can download your facebook comments through Graph API.

  • Go to facebook for developers website. Create your developer account.

  • Find the Graph API explorer at the inside of menu the top of the page.

  • Firstly, get a valid access token before running your query.

  • Then, run the query to get your Facebook page's comments.

As you can see, you can reach the comments on your page! but you need to automate this with a programming language.

If you're a developer, please check these Graph API SDKs to test and download;

Lastly, If you need to download comments which belong to several Facebook POSTS, you can choose the first method (exportcomments.com). If you need a business solution to download your whole comments by date range, the second solution is perfect for you. Because Juphy gives you all of your comments, between the oldest to newest also included. The third solution is only for developers and tech guys.

Today, I tried to explain how you can download your Facebook page's comments. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. I'm always here to help you.

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